Abort Changes made to SAN Switch

Abort changes made to a SAN Switch

Everyone will tend to make mistake some or other day at work. In case of SAN Administration, people like me; do more mistakes than rest. So, I should know how to fix it with out glitches in the production. One day, I was trying to create some new alias, zones etc… on Brocade SAN switch and added them to the configuration. Later, I realised that I shouldn’t have done those changes. What to do now? Should I remove aliases and zones one by one? No… I don’t have patience to do that, even though I made a mistake. So, some genius guy who works with Brocade has added commands to help people like us 😦
cfgtransshow and cfgtransabort:

cfgtransshow will show the transactions and can be cleaned using the cfgtransabort.
So, go ahead and explore yourself! It will come in handy when you want to cover from the SAN zoning mistakes…
Take care!

One thought on “Abort Changes made to SAN Switch

  1. There are some limitation to this command though. Once you have saved and enabled the configurations you cannot undo them with these commands.

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