vpnc – Open source VPN Client

How to connect to Cisco VPN  for accessing office  computer from LINUX?

Is this possible? Was the question raised in my mind when I try to connect and check emails using outlook. Little bit of search in techno-bible (Google) allowed me to explore “vpnc” (www.vpnc.org). I apt-get it and it was ready to use. Wait, I have only .pcf file with me… I tried using .pcf file directly but it not work out. Below are the steps required to configure VPNC to connect office comp.
Step1: # vim /etc/vpnc/officevpn
IPSec gateway <gateway.address.of.vpn>
IPSec ID <groupname as per PCF file>
IPSec secret <decrypted group password*>
Xauth username <your username>
Xauth password <your password can be left as blank>
save the file and exit from vim
*Use the below uri to decrypt encrypted group password
Step 2: # vpnc officevpn
after execution of above command, we need to provide password if not provided earlier. It will connect to the office VPN and then with necessary routing info added to your home computer, we can access office computer.
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