EMC VNX Drawbacks – Mapped pools for File

EMC VNX has a feature to have mapped pools for File which is a nothing but a direct association of Storage pools for Block. But the biggest drawback is that we can’t extend the pool from either volumes or disks. So the option of extend or shrink of pools will be disabled at VNX level.

Workaround: Never create a system default pools for File. Manually create user defined pools for File in VNX


One thought on “EMC VNX Drawbacks – Mapped pools for File

  1. Hi. Here you start to talk about mapped storage pool that can’t be extended and then you end the post talking about the storage pool system defined that is another kind of pool. For me the true is that a mapped storage pool for file can be ectend by adding more LUN to the storage group used to mask storage LUN to Datamover tha manage exported FS to hosts. Do you agree?

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