DIY: Simplest method to add cronjob

We need to run some  scripts hourly, daily, mothly etc.. But consfued with syntax to be used in crontab…. Stop worrying about learning how to do it. Lets use CCPT (Cut, Copy Paste Technology!!)

Here is the simplest way to add cronjob.

Step 2.  Select your options like every 1/2 hour, every day or month etc..
Step 3. Provide path to the script file and click on “YES”
Step 4. “Yes!”, its done… Use CCPT and then type “crontab -e” and paste and the end of file. CTRL+O will  ask you to save and CTRL+X will exit from editing “crontab”
Step 5. Thats it! now run “crontab -l” to check whether you saved it successfully.
Step 6: For verification whether “Cron Jobs” are running or not; run the command “grep CRON /var/log/syslog”. The output will show that your script executed at specified time, hour etc…
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