EMC CAVA explained in simple terms

  • The main function of CAVA is to stop a file from being written or read depending on the configuration until the AV server can scan the file
  • CAVA allows the AV client to scan the files so if the AV client on the server where CAVA is installed is updated. Then file systems are scanned  using the latest defs
  • CAVA only points to the configured AV servers beyond that as long as the AV servers are using the most recent definitions it should be able to scan and remove viruses
  • CAVA allows only the extensions that are in the mask list will be scanned
  • To check list of CAVA servers configured for the NAS use the command “server_viruschk”
  • Command to start AV scan  “server_viruschk server_2 -fsscan ufs01 –create” { server_2 is data mover ufs01 is the file system to be scanned}
  • To check the status of CAVA scans use the command “server_viruschk server_2 -audit