NetApp snapmirrored volume resize

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Wish you very happy and prosperous New Year 2014!

Today, I was looking for the easiest way to expand volumes which are snapmirrored. Here is the answer given below.

Step -1: Extend target volume

Target-B> vol size vol_tgt +50g
Warning: Volume ‘vol_tgt’ is a replica.  This will not change the
file system size in the replica, which is set from the replica source.
The new volume size will be used to set the upper limit on replica
transfers into this volume.

In the above command, first we are extending / increasing target volume size.

Step-2: Extend source volume

Source-B> vol size vol_src +50g
vol size: Flexible volume ‘vol_src’ size set to 340g.

Ensure that the target volume is equal to or greater than the source volume.

This is the simplest way to extend replicated volumes compared to other products!!