How to generate custom reports from NetApp DFM [Data Fabric Manager]?

1. Login to NetApp DFM

2. Click on “Reports” dropdown menu and select “Custom”

screen1 3. Give a name, Web Display name and a brief description

Screen24. Select fields required for the reporting. I’ve selected below shown fields which are generally required. Ensure to format the fields with required units and decimal placed required etc.. Finally click on the save button to save the report.

Screen35. After successfully completing the above tasks. We can find the new custom report listed in the below table. Follow Step 2 to reach here. Click on the Web-Display Name hyperlink to run the custom report.

Screen46. Sample output of the report shown below for the volumes configured in the NetApp systems.

Screen77. To export the report to CSV format click on the highlighted file symbol on the below screenshot. Also you can add this custom report to favorites by clicking on green “+” icon.


I hope this would help to create a custom report according to our requirements.

P.S: Painted black on screenshot to maintain confidentiality. Please excuse if they are not legible.