openldap + samba directory authentication

I was asked checkout the best alternative to our Window$ AD directory services. I explained that we could do it with openldap + samba but I never did it before giving the free advice!

So, I started to explore this killer combination to beat the best + most widely used authentication + directory services. I knew that this would continue to contribute to my dark circles under the eyes but no go!!

As usual, I went to the modern queen of knowledge ie., Google to try my luck. After tremendous exploration, in-depth research, trial and errors I took week+ time to have a working configuration of openldap+samba DC!!

I followed a cool blog site step by step, of-course with some errors which lead to refer other sites as well.

Main Blog: [Sharing with thanks a million to author]

Optional: [Handy sites if you are in trouble]

I had challenges in adding Windows 7 workstations as domain members. After multiple attempts and meddling with registry settings, I was able to add it to the domain. I did not face any issues while adding Windows XP [Still love it as its the only Window$ OS with less craps].

To add Windows 7 as a member, please follow below steps.

Open regedit.exe add the following registry settings:

Check the following settings:

Restart 🙂 Window$ and now it can be added to the domain without issues.


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