Kill apps in Linux

My desktop was occupied by daughter to see Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on YouTube. She spends 2+ hours with out giving an opportunity for me for Web browsing.
I did a little trick by remotely logging into desktop (SSH) by my phone using “connectbot” and killed chrome browser using below command.

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Cleanup of scattered .mp3’s files to a Music directory

messyI’ve close to thousands of mp3 files scattered across various directories and sub-directories. I wanted to listen to one of my favorite songs but could not find it for close to 2 hours. Later, I thought to switch to youtube and enjoyed to the tunes.

But this stuck to my mind and made me to cleanup my messy @Debian #Linux desktop. As you know there are thousands of file lying around whilst given the fact that I’m very lazy to manually move files. After #googling around multiple sites; was able to prepare a command which would suffice my requirement.

find / -iname “*.mp3” -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -I ‘{}’ /usr/bin/rsync -avR –remove-source-files “{}” /home/vin/Music/Songs/


Now you know the trick… Simply replace “*.mp3” with your search criteria to better organize your stuff!


Walkman lockscreen widget for Sony Z1

For some reasons Sony Z series team messed with walkman lockscreen widget. There was no controls available @ lockscreen whilst you quickly want to pause or change music tracks.
Playstore has a good alternative intact better than Inbuilt widget called “Music Widget for Walkman”.

I’m loving it ever since I installed (1.5 days 😉
This widget works on Sony Xperia Android phones. It’s worth to give it a try!!
Music heals…

How to set/limit IOPS on VMAX per storage groups

Here is a good article on how to limit IOPS per storage groups on VMAX