VMAX Storage Group Report

Here is the the simplest way to generate a simple VMAX Storage Group’s allocated capacity report.

Run the below command

symsg -sid 1234 list -v > sglist.txt

Above command show each SG’s information in details along with Devices, type and capacity. We’ve redirected the output to a text file called ‘sglist.txt’. To produce a simple report using the above output; we need to use the below grep command.

grep ‘Name:\|2-way\|TDEV’ sglist.txt > out.txt

Above command greps lines having name of storage group, devices with 2-way mirror config and thin devices which are redirected to another text file called ‘out.txt’. We can see the devices with Status, capacity etc… which is sufficient to produce / calculate allocated storage capacity.


Compare entire excel files online!

Vlookup, Countif etc.. are things of the past to do comparison of tables, columns etc in excel..

Say hello to ‘Cloudy Excel‘ an online tool to compare entire excel files by few clicks. Neither we need an expertise in Vlookup nor knowledge in writing formula.

Upload both source file and altered file to the cloudy excel to see all the difference values between the spreadsheets,