RecoverPoint Appliance – Collect System Information without FTP

Please follow below steps to collect Recoverpoint logs without the need of FTP server
a. Login to RPA management console
b. From the Main Menu options, select “Diagnostics”
c. From the Diagnostics options select “Collect System Info”
d. When you get option to enter the start date, start time, end date, end time please input values in MM/DD/YYYY. (date range should be 3 or less than 3 days)
e. We need to collect data logs for both site, so enter “y”
f. Do not enter FTP server IP. Just hit enter to go to next dialogue
g. Enter “3” which would collect  logs for both RPA and hosts.

It takes a lot of time to complete log collection. Go and have tea / coffee break!

Once data collection is complete, open Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome and enter below URI


username and password is webdownload

After successful authentication, you can see the list of log files in .tar format. By clicking the filename you can download file to our workstation. Downloaded file will be available in “Downloads” under your home folder unless default path is changed in your browsers.


One liner to restart service from CMD

Many times we want to restart services using command line (CMD) on windows. Here is the one liner which can be used 
to restart a service
runas /user:<localmachinename>\administrator cmd /c net stop "servicename" && net start "servicename"

I've included "runas" to ensure we have elevated / privilege access.