KeePass – password manager

Password manager is a must have tool for an admin who end up logging to multiple windows logons, support portals, customer network, VPNs, FTP, his/her bank accounts etc…

So whats the big deal we can put all our passwords in an excel, notepad or doc. This would still work but it is one of the worst practices which must be avoided by us. Instead of getting in to insecurity hazards, switch to KeePass – one of the best password managers which I’ve used so far. Please check out the features like DB, encryption, algorithms mentioned in the website. This small yet powerful tool has become quintessential for me to maintain both professional and personal passwords.

The best thing of KeePass is its free and open source code. Switch to KeePass and keep your passwords safe and secure. BTW sneak peak at the awards / ratings given to this tool. Truly mind blowing…

In Indian terms its a Godrej Nav-taal standard lock which can’t be picked 🙂

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