Clean your PC Desktop with a single click!

We all want to have a clean, organized and clutter free PC/Laptop Desktop Screen… But at the end of the day we need to keep all important things including that report which need to be shared with your Manager to ensure a smile on his face 🙂

It was a difficult to be organize your desktop at the same time maintain handy stuff on the same but not now 😛


Here is the simple (I swear) batch script and below steps to maintain a well organized desktop screen.

cd d:\users\vbabuume\Desktop
move /y *.png d:\Desktop\PNG
move /y *.jpg d:\Desktop\PNG
move /y *.bmp d:\Desktop\PNG
move /y *.doc* d:\Desktop\DOC
move /y *.xls* d:\Desktop\XLS
move /y *.pdf d:\Desktop\PDF
move /y *.ppt* d:\Desktop\PPT
move /y *.csv d:\Desktop\XLS

Let me explain how this works. We are trying to move most of the standard file types that we use on regular basis to a folder called Desktop created under “D” drive. Under “Desktop” create sub-folders like “PNG” (for all pictures), “DOC” (for Word documents, RTF files etc..), “XLS” (For excel spreadsheets, CSV files), “PPT” (For PPTs), PDF (For PDF’s) and any other file type you work on daily basis. You can create else where there is a sufficient disk capacity but avoid C: or drive where OS resides.

Copy the above lines to a notepad and save as “CD.bat” under same drive where “Desktop” folder is created e.g. “D:” drive. Create a short cut of this file and place it on “Taskbar” since our motto is to have clean desktop 🙂

Create another short cut for “Desktop” folder where all type of files will be dumped by this script which needs to be placed on “Taskbar”.

When you click on “CD.bat” which is on your Taskbar. All the file types mentioned above will be moved to their respective sub-folders under “Desktop” folder.

Going forward whenever you see your “Desktop” screen is jumbled up click the CD icon on your Desktop!!

A Swachh Desktop initiative 😀

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