Create multiple user’s account on multiple Brocade SAN Switches

This blog is a continuation of the previous blog in which I discussed about “Deleting User accounts from Brocade SAN switches” as well as shared the script to do the same.

We wanted to automate onboard/off-board process which we follow when a new team member/s join or depart from the project. LDAP cannot be implemented in the Multi-Tenant environment and customer owned infra. So we targeted automation. Automation means scripting, scripting means PERL to me 🙂

Here is the Perl code which would login to all the switches listed in the “switches_ips.txt” file and create all the user accounts listed in the “users.txt” file. Output would be saved in file “Results.txt”.


Sample output:

Creating users on switch IP:
user1- Account user1 has been successfully added.
user2 – Account user2 has been successfully added.
user3 – Account kaanatar has been successfully added.
user4 – Account niravpat has been successfully added.

admin – Named account already exists

If a user account already exists then it wont create the account again.

Simple, isn’t it? Try it out and let me know if you need help on this…

I wish you all Happy Onam and Happy Varamahalaxmi festivals. God bless you all!


One liner to convert Youtube video to MP3

Many times we want to listen to songs, discussions or discourses which are in youtube on the go… Here is the quickest way to convert youtube video to audio by one command.


  1. LINUX OS (Debian preferably 🙂
  2. Install youtube-dl (apt-get install youtube-dl)
  3. Run the command in terminal – youtube-dl -x –audio-format mp3 <youtube link>
  4. That’s it copy the mp3 file to pod/phone and you’re ready to listen on the go!!