Linux SSH connection manager

Are you managing multiple Linux or Unix machines from Linux workstation?

Are you from the Windows world and missing putty or secureCRT or mRemoteNG etc apps…?

PAC Manager is the answer for ya!!

PAC Manager is an open source GUI based SSH connection manager which has pretty similar features like SecureCRT, mRemoteNG, Putty Manager etc…

You can download it from

After downloading use below command to install on Debian / Ubuntu based Linux workstations.

dpkg -i filename.deb

It may throw an error as the dependent packages are not available. In that case, run the below command which completes the installation process

apt-get -f install

It has loads of features where you can customize the connectivity, use macros. save credentials using keepassx etc… Wait, it not only supports SSH protocol but also other remote connectivity protocols like RDP, VNC and even secure FTP as well.

I’ve start using this cool app and I’m loving it already!!

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