Samba+LDAP server config files backup

Recently we built a new Samba+OPENLDAP PDC server to replace Window$ AD + File servers completely. I referred the below blog to build the GNU Debian Linux server after making necessary changes to configuration files of respective apps. This took 2-4 hours of strenuous effort.

# Paths of important config files

Now the biggest challenge is to backup these configuration files on regular intervals and backup them to cloud. The easiest and free-ist way to use the cloud based backup is dropbox. There are so many other products are available but I love Dropbox!

Being a lazy fellow its very difficult to do monotonous things by logging in and taking backup of config files day in day out. So the killer combination of lazy + script-writer, found a cool script which came to my rescue.

Dropbox uploader is pretty simple to use. Click the link to know the instructions to configure, run and schedule as cron job. I also referred another blog to integrate dropbox uploader with a shell script to zip and upload files to the cloud.

Here is the script for reference which I modified to my needs based on above mentioned blog and using dropbox uploader. I hope I can trust cloud backup better than pen drive or portable disk drives because of data availability and instant restore features.

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