Isilon – Download support logs from CLI

Recently, we’re trying to download Isilon log files for troubleshooting purposes. We’re supposed to download log files and then upload to EMC support portal.

We tried to download from the GUI using all major browsers but download was not possible (could be due to huge log file size summing up to 3 GB). Later we tried to do WinSCP which was failing to connect due to network connectivity issues.

Finally, we’re able to succeed by the help of Linux box which was in the same network. We used the simplest method ‘scp’ for copying files from Isilon to Linux box and from there we’re able to upload the files to EMC support portal.

Below was the command and log file path under ‘ifs’ directory structure in Isilon.

scp root@ .

We downloaded the file ‘IsilonLogs-ISILONCL01-20151215-042443.tgz’ to local directory (. means current directory) using the root credentials of the Isilon cluster having IP:

Alternatively if we don’t have a Linux box we can failback on cygwin to do the same on Window$ if WinSCP is not working.

I hope this command would help us if we need to download multiple files in a jiffy of time.

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