Isilon Self-Service Platform (SSP) Tool

In by previous blog post on Isilon; I mentioned about downloading logs from the Isilon cluster and share it with EMC support for further analysis.

Many thanks to Arseny Chernov ‏@arsenyspb who made me aware about the self service platform tool which would help us to do the first aid of the Isilon clusters in case of any issues!!

Isilon Self-Service Platform (SSP) Tool was earlier used by the internal support team and it was recently made available to customers / partners. Storage admins can use this handy tool for troubleshooting and analyzing log files of Isilon clusters. This would reduce the TAT (Turn Around Time) in resolving tickets and enables to handle minor issues without involving EMC support unless it is necessary.

Download a copy from this link

Please find screenshots for reference

2015-12-21 14_58_00-Isilon Self-Service Platform2015-12-21 14_58_11-Isilon Self-Service Platform2015-12-21 14_58_17-Isilon Self-Service Platform



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