IBM Spectrum Scale a.k.a GPFS

I had recently attended IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) training conducted by Kiran Ghag, STG, IBM India Pvt. Ltd. It was a very good learning experience to know about a 18+ year old product still roaring in the industry!! Many thanks Kiran for imparting this training to us.

Never knew that so many things are being developed, optimized and stabilized behind the scenes to improve user experience, performance and reliability of GPFS. There are many software defined NAS based solutions are there in the market but they are greenhorn when compared to GPFS. A truly meridian software suitable for high performance, large scale deployments. GPFS gives granular level of control over several File system and NAS operations that I never heard of…

I would love to write more and share experience on this product which I may do in near future… We’d be settting up a lab, do the hands on and build PoC solutions to compare and address existing challenges of various existing NAS products.

Meanwhile please refer to IBM Red Books and sites listed for self study. Also, leave your comments if your want to know any specific configuration or feature of Spectrum Scale.!/wiki/General%20Parallel%20File%20System%20%28GPFS%29


Fujitsu Eternus Storage Capacity Report Script

As mentioned in my previous post, here is the Fujitsu Eternus Storage Capacity Report script output.

We have used the below commands to get capacity information from Fujitsu arrays.

show disks

show raid-groups

show flexible-tier-pools

Using Perl, we have parsed the output to a HTML file which is being sent as a daily capacity utilization report. Please find the below report for reference.