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NoSQL databases like Cassandra and Couchbase are quickly becoming key components of the modern IT infrastructure. However this modernization creates new challenges – especially for storage. These modern applications all count on DRAM memory to deliver rapid results to user queries, but while memory is fast it is also expensive and there is only so much that can be installed per server.

When these applications run out of RAM they have to fetch data from storage devices and when that happens performance declines…rapidly. There is also the challenge that memory is volatile, new data must be quickly written to persistent storage.

The Problems with NoSQL Architectures

The default design of a NoSQL architecture, like those Cassandra and Couchbase use, leverage commodity. However, white box servers to keep costs down. They cluster servers together creating a scale out architecture that handles both compute and storage needs. In those servers, IT designers…

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IBM Storwize V7000 Snapshots Report

There was a requirement came to me to capture the snapshots details on an IBM Storwize V7000 storage. so, I wrote a simple PERL script to generate HTML report and send it to the stake holders and storage team via email. I’ve used the command ‘lsfcmap’ to list the snapshot details. Using PERL I’ve captured required output in desired order and format to suit our requirements.

Please find below report generated and sent over an email (split into two images for better readability)


Script Caveats:

  1. Can run the script via scheduler or On-Demand
  2. Sorted based on descending order to list the oldest snapshots on top of the list
  3. Old reports are archived for future reference or troubleshooting purposes

Please let me know if you need the script to replicate for your V7K’s.