EMC VMAX Storage Automated Performance Report

This blog is being written as a companion to my previous blog on Automated EMC VMAX Capacity Reporting


In recent times, we’re asked to develop scripts to capture performance metrics from EMC VMAX storage. There is a ‘symstat’ command with many attributes to capture performance metrics information from the array. But this command was not fulfilling all our requirements. While exploring various options and consultation with EMC support / community we decided to try Unisphere / RESTAPI.

So far I was using Perl as THE LANGUAGE to talk to my storage arrays. But I was forced to switch over to Python which works best with REST API / JSON. Additionally, there are lots of code out there on RESTAPI written in Python. So it is easy to ‘get inspired’ by those codes and write customized code for our requirements. So this would make me yet another ‘Pythonistas’ 🙂

This is my first ever Python (version 2.7 on GNU/Debian Linux) script to capture EMC VMAX Performance Metrics retrieved from Unisphere for VMAX (version 8.2) via RESTAPI. I’ve referred this Python script to develop custom script to suit our requirements. Many thanks to Matt Cowger (mcowger) for sharing the script in Github.

There are plenty of metrics that can be captured using this script but I’ve written a simple code for demo purpose to print few metrics in CSV format which can be either imbibed by excel for further reporting / charting or injected to MySQL DB to do many stuffs…

Here is the sample + cropped output for reference. In the below table timestamp (column B) is in epoch format which is converted to MYSQL datetime format via INSERT query



P.S: I’ve changed VMAX serial number for various factors🙂

If interested, please reach out to me to get these Python scripts.

Image Courtesy: https://www.emc.com

References: https://github.com/mcowger/randompython/blob/master/symmREST.py

Thanks for stopping by… Please leave your comments / suggestions.

18 thoughts on “EMC VMAX Storage Automated Performance Report

  1. Hello vinusumi,

    I am interested on getting those scripts, I am currently looking for a way to automate reports from unisphere.

  2. Hi Vinay,

    Please send me the scripts to my email. I am a newbie in scripting. If you can help with the steps to follow to use the script to generate report from unisphere using REST API, I will be grateful.

    1. Hello vinay,

      Thanks for sharing these scripts.. I’m new in scripting..I want to generate capacity health check and performance combined report from all the storage system in my current environment.
      Kindly guide me with the prerequisite and scripts..

    1. Sure, what kind of support you’re looking for. We need to have scripting knowledge to use these scripts with customer permission to deploy the script

  3. Hello Vinay

    Port 2003 is for REST? I am unable to connect throught it via other server. Do we need to use SYMAPI server only?

  4. Hi vinay ..

    Can i get the script ? and i am actually looking for support to get training on multiple tasks related to emc vmax automation.can you help me out with this? you can reach me at @kanna.srikanth9@gmail.com. thanks

  5. Hello,
    Please help to useful python script for vmax e.g. performance issue, any auto lun assignment or other daily use one

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