Cowin Vaccine Tracker

Tired of tracking vaccines availability in your area by logging into COWIN site?

Register at Cowin Vaccine Tracker and get email notification for your area PIN CODE and also customized and simplified tracking site.

NFS server is running on the master node. Persistent Volume is created using the nfs-storage class. Both containers C1 (running python code) and C2 (running apache2+php) use the same share.

Both Gitlab and Docker registry are hosted on K3S Raspberry Pi cluster. Gitlab runner is running on one of the nodes which builds the container images.

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What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in!

2 thoughts on “Cowin Vaccine Tracker

  1. We have to get the second dose of covishield, the first was on 13/3/21. We are waiting for the second dose. We are in Yelahanka Bangalore 560064.

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