Out of Band Monitoring of Kubernetes Cluster using Containerized Zabbix

Why Out of Band Monitoring (OOBM)?

The advantage OOBM is its¬†reliability when the internal network is down,¬†a node is down, or rebooting, crashing, or otherwise inaccessible. OOBM can be used to remotely monitor device’s capacity and performance metrics, other items etc.. The core idea is to preserve information of monitoring data outside of the Kubernetes cluster.
Software management tools such as Zabbix can be used for capacity and performance monitoring, and some remote troubleshooting, alerting via email, slack and the plethora of ChatOps tools only work when the network is up!

Disruption and downtime are minimized by providing better visibility of both physical environment and status of equipment. This ensures business continuity through improved uptime, efficiencies and faster recoveries from the outages.

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