EMC VMXPerl script to collect total capacity allocated based on Initiator groups

I’ve developed a prototype of Perl script using various functions available in the blogs and net. I’ve customized to get total capacity of LUNs allocated allocated to each IG.


  1. PERL and modules are required to run the script.
  2. Installation of Perl is not required but need to copy required files and set environment variables
  3. A text file by name sids.txt having last 4 digits of VMAX SID  need to be created and stored in same folder of script file
  4. How to run the script? “ goto CMD > (cd to source folder) > perl (script_name) > (file_name).csv
  5. Total capacity is in GB which can be later modified manually according to our need


use XML::Simple;
use Data::Dumper;
use Getopt::Std;
use Diagnostics;

sub refToList  {
# when we have one item in a list in the XML, it
# gets parsed as a scalar instead of an array.  So we sometimes
# want to be able to force that to be one item list to make
# coding easier.
# This is complicated, so I’ll break it down:
# @_ is the array of parameters to the function.
# @_[0] is the first parameter, which in this case is a reference
# The ref test then checks to see whether that reference is to a scalar
# or is a reference to an array.
my @list;
my $item;
if ( ref (@_[0]) eq “ARRAY” ) {
    # The first parameter is a reference to an array.  But what I want
    # is the array itself, not the reference to it.  So that is what the @{} gets me.
    foreach $item (@{@_[0]}) {
    if ($item ne “”) {
        push (@list, $item);
} else {
        # the reference is to a scalar, and that is easier to decode.  I then turn
        # it into an array.
        my ($item)=(@_);
# and now I return the array.
return @list;
sub getIgList() {
open (IN, “sids.txt”) or die “$!\n”;
my @data = <IN>;
foreach my $line(@data)
chomp ($line);
my $sid = $line;
print “Report for VMAX $sid \n”;
print “IG_NAME\tTotalCapacity in GB\n”;
my $xml = new XML::Simple (KeyAttr=>[]);
my $xml1 = new XML::Simple (KeyAttr=>[]);
$verbose && print STDERR “list -type initiator…\n”;
my $cmdout=`symaccess -sid $sid list -type init -output XML 2> c:/temp/temp.txt`;
$cmdout || die “ERROR in getIgList: symaccess list -type init -output XML \n”;
my $sym=$xml->XMLin($cmdout);
my @iglist=refToList ($sym->{Symmetrix}{Initiator_Group});
my $ig;
my %igdb;
my $name;
my $cap;
my $totcap;
my $sumcap=0;
my $i=0;
foreach $ig (@iglist) {
    print “$name \t”;
    my $igout=`symaccess -sid $sid list devinfo -ig $name | find /i “Total Capacity” 2> c:/temp/temp.txt`;
        chomp ($sumcap);
        if ($sumcap != 0) {
        printf ‘%.2f’,$totcap;
    print “End of report for VMAX $sid\n”;
#return %igdb;



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