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Copy, Paste and Drag n Drop between Windows and VMWare Workstation Debian/Ubuntu VM

Having trouble with Copy/Paste or Drag n Drop between Windows host and VMWare Workstation VMs?
Checkout this blog to fix it!

Manage services from CLI on Linux

In Window$ OS, we can check running services and its status by going to Services console. (Start > Run > services.exe)

Similarly, to access running services info and status under Linux via BASH / Shell, we need to install ‘sysv-rc-conf’

aptitude install sysv-rc-conf

Below screenshot show the output of sysv-rc-conf command displaying status of service for all running levels (1-6) and startup (S)

2016-11-21 11_06_38-Debian1 [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox.png

As you can see in the screenshot to start a service use ‘+’ and to stop a service use ‘-‘. To enable or disable service to run at startup goto the respective service’s ‘S’ column and then use ‘Space Bar’.

How to quickly setup Squid Proxy?

Squid proxy is one of the best open source proxy software’s and most widely implemented solutions. I was trying to quickly set this up with less efforts but with no compromise w.r.t implementing robust ACLs (Access Control Lists).

Instead of reading various Howto’s in the net, I started searching for ready made appliance which could make things easy for me 🙂


After reviewing various options, I have had decided to go with Artica Proxy. Its pretty simple and its intuitive interface makes it simple to swiftly setup Squid Proxy within few minutes.

It offers Transparent Proxy, Load Balancer, 1.6 Millions blacklisted sites (updated on daily basis), user defined ACLs etc… For a full featured characteristics and benefits please visit the URI here.

I hope you’ll find this intelligent software useful and happy proxying!!



openldap + samba directory authentication

I was asked checkout the best alternative to our Window$ AD directory services. I explained that we could do it with openldap + samba but I never did it before giving the free advice!

So, I started to explore this killer combination to beat the best + most widely used authentication + directory services. I knew that this would continue to contribute to my dark circles under the eyes but no go!!

As usual, I went to the modern queen of knowledge ie., Google to try my luck. After tremendous exploration, in-depth research, trial and errors I took week+ time to have a working configuration of openldap+samba DC!!

I followed a cool blog site step by step, of-course with some errors which lead to refer other sites as well.

Main Blog: [Sharing with thanks a million to author]

Optional: [Handy sites if you are in trouble]


I had challenges in adding Windows 7 workstations as domain members. After multiple attempts and meddling with registry settings, I was able to add it to the domain. I did not face any issues while adding Windows XP [Still love it as its the only Window$ OS with less craps].

To add Windows 7 as a member, please follow below steps.

Open regedit.exe add the following registry settings:

Check the following settings:

Restart 🙂 Window$ and now it can be added to the domain without issues.


Create Debian bootable USBdrive

Downloaded latest version of Debian/Ubuntu in ISO format but don’t have CD/DVD to burn it.

Simple workaround… Use the most valuable DD command

dd if=/home/rambo/Downloads/debian.iso of=/dev/sdc

/home/rambo/Downloads/debian.iso [Replace this with your path to the downloaded iso file]

/dev/sdc [Replace ‘sdc’ with actual mounted USB device; use ‘mount’ command to identify the device]

NOTE: Please take backup of your USB Drive before running the above command