Python Script to Validate VMAX3 Hot Spare Drives Compliance

In VMAX3 or any enterprise-class storage arrays, hot spares are used to replace failing or failed disks in the storage array. Hot Spare drives need to be of the same configuration and size (can be larger) as that of the failing/failed disk. VMAX3 with Hypermax use Direct Sparing to automatically replace a failing disk. Please click here to know more…

This script would fetch hot spare drives count per VMAX3 array and generates a dash. This dash shows compliance report across all DCs.

Thumb Rule: For every 50 disks, there should be a minimum 1 hot spare disk must be present.


I believe this feature is already available in ViPR SRM as part of Compliance Storage pack. If customers do not have SRM, then this script is a real boon to automate hot spare compliance reporting.  This script requires SYMCLI, Python and SMTP access to automate which are available by default.

This script can be further re-written to add columns or make changes on case to case requirements.

If interested, please reach out to me to get these scripts. Thanks for stopping by… Please leave your comments/suggestions below.

Python takes huge advantage over Perl when it comes to code readability. Python’s code is lot more cleaner to understand than that of Perl even when reading code after years.

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